Vice Mayor / Councilwoman Betty Guardado Hears Constituents in Maryvale, District 5 – Hosts Office Hours at Maryvale Business Center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Thursday

Vice Mayor / Councilwoman Betty Guardado cuts the ribbon at the opening of Maryvale Business Center located at 3802 N. 53rd Ave, Phoenix 85031, Suite #290.

Vice Mayor/ Councilwoman Betty Guardado is closely engaging with Maryvale Revitalization Corporation (MRC) to forge resident pride throughout the Maryvale Village. MRC is pleased to announce that Guardado will permanently host office hours at Maryvale Business Center every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to work one-on-one with constituents.

In May of 2019, Guardado won her election for Phoenix City Council by 25 percentage points, sweeping every precinct in the District. In November of 2019, she was appointed as Phoenix’s vice mayor. Today, she represents Phoenix District 5, one of the most diverse districts in the city. District 5 includes Maryvale Village, where Betty and her family have lived since 2007.

Her key initiatives focus on quality of life for families in Maryvale, and include:

  • Improving living conditions through the beautification of neighborhoods, alleyways, canals, parks, and streets. Also improving safety for drivers and pedestrians on roads.
  • Ensuring that residents have access to jobs with living wages, affordable healthcare and other benefits.
  • Bringing responsible economic development to District 5 that increase the number of jobs and ease of transportation.

In October, MRC and its HERO U youth engaged with the office of Vice Mayor/Councilwoman Guardado, Estrella Super Mom’s Block Watch, and other city departments to coordinate a neighborhood clean-up. In two hours, 40 volunteers cleaned an alley near 71st Avenue and Indian School road. Read about more accomplishments in Maryvale and District 5 here.

Guardado grew up with a with a lack of access to valuable resources. She learned that by becoming involved in the community you find access to people and organizations that can be influential in fostering both yours and your neighborhoods growth and engagement. “Betty has dedicated her life to leadership by helping everyone realize opportunity within themselves – realizing that they have the power to change the community, regardless of who they are and where they come from,” said Emmanual Gallardo-Sanidad, District 5 community organizer. Guardado has been his mentor for over a decade.

“For reasons ranging from language barriers to time constraints and cultural views, Maryvale is a community that is historically underrepresented. People do not participate because they feel like their voice to create change is not entitled to being heard,” said Guardado. “My team is working to empower Maryvale residents to realize that it is possible to organize and mobilize around issues in the community that they care about.”

Guardado’s labor organizing background uniquely positions her as an effective public servant for District 5. She grew up in south central Los Angeles and worked as housekeeper at the Century Plaza Hotel where she became highly involved as an organizer for the hospitality workers union. When she moved to Phoenix in 2007, she worked her way from director of organizing to vice president of the Phoenix Hotel Workers Union. In Phoenix, she conducted campaigns and negotiated contracts for thousands of hotel and food-service workers in Maricopa County. She also helped to lead successful independent voter turnout campaigns to elect several Phoenix City Council members, developing young leaders, and empowering working-class families.

“I think the union taught me how to fight, the union taught me how to struggle and the union taught me how to believe in myself,” Guardado said in an Arizona Central interview.

If you are interested in speaking with Vice Mayor / Councilwoman Betty Guardado or a representative of her team, please visit her on Thursdays between 10 a.m. at 4 p.m. at Maryvale Business Center, located at 3802 N. 53rd Ave, Phoenix 85031, Suite #290.

The Maryvale Business Center is a community that is driving growth and collaboration in the Maryvale village and beyond. Having city representation at the business center, and other organizations like Advanced Business Learning and Reveille Foundation is one benefit of the cross-sector, micro-community.

If your organization or company are interested in having space at the Maryvale Business Center, please contact

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