H.E.R.O.s Help Everyone Realize Opportunity within themselves, others and their communities.

HERO UHERO U is a three-part youth development program specifically designed for Maryvale 8th and 9th grade students. Youth will be introduced to H.E.R.O.s in all forms (those that Help Everyone Realize Opportunities), igniting inspiration to be the best versions of themselves for the purpose of growing others and growing the Maryvale community.

This unique and comprehensive program inspires students to higher levels of learning and career engagement by introducing leadership, STEM, and entrepreneurial skills and practices in fun, engaging and relevant methods. Demonstrating these practices in action ignites their passions; inspires youth to engage in critical thinking and problem solving in practical ways; introduces relevancy to today’s educational and life applications; and higher achievements in education, career and in everyday life. HEROs grow themselves, their peers, family, and their communities.

HERO Academy is a dynamic program that supports the HERO U foundations of leadership, entrepreneurial, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a variety of settings and formats to meet the needs of each school. Through the facilitation by volunteer community leaders, students engage in fun, relevant methods while continuing their personal journey to unleash the HERO that lies within. In addition to personal development, youth will work collaboratively to create a community impact project to serve a community need driven by their leadership skills and community knowledge.

HERO Spotlight is an opportunity for youth to showcase their ideas, passion and development to their families, peers, educators and community leaders, while celebrating their completion of the Academy.

  • HERO Spotlight Volume 1 | Thursday, July 25 | 4 – 5:30 PM | American Family Fields of Phoenix (3805 N 53rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85031) | Please kindly RSVP to info@maryvalelife.com

HERO Force – after completing the Academy, youth are now a part of the League of HEROs. This unstoppable Force is unleashed into their own Maryvale community for community service projects and behind-the-scenes tours to engage with community leaders, seeing their learning in action. Diverse businesses and nonprofits serving Maryvale are invited to engage the Force: please Connect to learn more.

Convention of HEROs is a high energy event for thousands of Maryvale 8th and 9th graders designed by students, for students. Students will celebrate accomplishments of their classmates, as well as be introduced to HEROs in all forms, through visual arts, motivating speakers and interactions within the Opportunity Zone (“O Zone”).

The “O-Zone” is full of opportunities for youth – now and for their future. Businesses, organizations and community programs that provide inspiration and hands-on experiences are invited to the showcase. 

Of course this celebration needs volunteers to serve in a variety of roles, from Greeters to Guidekicks (you know, like a superhero’s sidekick…someone who provides trust, guidance and support) and every role in between. Register to volunteer at HERO-Con Volume 2 coming soon.

Students leave HERO-Con with the inspiration and motivation to become the best version of themselves.

This is not the last that will be seen of the League of HEROs. Rather it is just the beginning, as these students will become leaders to their younger peers the following year.

Within each of us lies the responsibility of becoming a HERO. Will you answer the call?

Convention of HEROs (aka HERO-Con)
Dates, Times and Locations for 2020 | Coming Soon
HERO U Academy
Hosted at select campuses within the Cartwright Elementary and Phoenix Union High School Districts.
All training and curriculum materials will be provided; passion for youth development required. Must be able to pass school district volunteer requirements and must be able to commit to facilitating all sessions of the program.
  • Become a volunteer facilitator; email: info@maryvalelife.com
HERO Force
Summer service opportunities and internships with businesses, nonprofits and schools serving Maryvale
  • Register as a host organization; email: info@maryvalelife.com

Questions? info@maryvalelife.com | maryvalelife.com

HERO U is made possible by the generosity of: 

Maryvale Revitalization Corporation (MRC) is the motivating catalyst for the facilitation of the holistic physical, economic and social renaissance in Maryvale Village. MRC accomplishes this by acting as the collaborative central agency that supports and amplifies the work of local non-profits, faith-based communities, government initiatives, schools and local businesses serving West Phoenix.
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