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Woman In Action Conference 2019

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Uniting Women + Bridging Generational Gaps + Taking Action

WIACON2019 is here! Join the 2nd Annual Premier Multigenerational Woman In Action Experience. DiscoverHer Worldwide, Incorporated works year-round to unite women, bridge generational gaps and guide people to take more authority and action in their lives. A woman in action is a woman who sees what needs to be done and does it, without waiting for permission. The Woman In Action Conference and Expo is a collaborative environment where Professional Women, Home-making Mothers, Resilient Entrepreneurs, Recent College Graduates, and our allies gather to elevate their thinking, sharpen their tools, and strengthen the quality of their professional and personal relationships. The main stage presentations, breakout workshops and training, and the live expo demonstrations present a unique opportunity to learn how to apply new treads, analyze their strategies, customize their own blueprints and connect with the right people.
The Woman In Action Conference is a transformative experience that will host a full-day conference with empowered main stage messages, premier masterminds, breakout panels, and tangible training. WIACON2019 will center on collaborative accountability, bridging generational gaps, taking action, financial liberation, corporate leadership, levels to entrepreneurship and much more.