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Uniting The Women In Our Valley

Event Details

This event is running from 5 May 2019 until 1 December 2019. It is next occurring on December 1, 2019 2:30 pm

Service-Based Business Owners finally have a community to call their own! Uniting The Women In Our Valley is a City-wide Call Into Action. It is time for us to come together. We are all serving individuals locally, nationally, and a few of us, internationally. We believe strongly in the exchange of services between business owners in order to sharpen our skills and pour into one another including our target markets. It is time that we unite the women in our valley. Many of us have spoken and agreed that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Family, our village is visually struggling because we are not working together as a collective. Now, we are not saying we will all be able to partner with each other, but we do need to be more willing to be present when we see others in need (of clarity, prayer, mentorship, biz support, etc.). We will continue to explore the current state of our city, the future state, and how we each/all are serving those we have been called to serve locally, nationally, and internationally. We have the ability to make a significant imprint in this world. Many of us are doing this individually (with our teams). What more can we do if we unite and bridge our individual strengths with our areas of improvement (weakness)? How much more of an imprint can we make in the lives of those we are called to serve? If you are willing to bring “your table” or come to the table please complete the link below. Join us.

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