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The Boss Lady Event

Event Details

The Boss Lady Event celebrates corporate and entrepreneurial women in the major industries that power the companies in
Arizona’s “Valley of the Sun”.

Featuring startups from our very own desert as well as females driving corporate ingenuity, influence and innovation, this 1-day event will not only shine the light on these bright minds, but also include keynotes, our version of the Catalina Mixer, a raffle and a “secret contest” that has nothing to do with business or being professional.

It’s the proverbial “kick off your heels” event.

The event includes:
-A Wake me Up Smoothie and/or tea and Ethiopian cuisine from Lalibela to fill you up before the event!
-You get to literally kick off your heels because we will provide comfy sandals to strut in.
-Did you say hard corporate chairs?? Nah ah! Our Q&A panel session will be like chatting with the girls over at the house! Soft carpet and coaches to sit on and chat with a panel of the most influential women in Arizona just like you were with them in your home.
-Photo sessions to take pictures with your friends and new acquaintances!
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The Q&A Panel of Boss Ladies include:
-Nona Lee- Executive Vice President and CLO of the Diamondbacks
-Kristi Westphal- Executive Vice President and head of Tech Security at Union Bank
-Laurie Battaglia- Business Strategist for +Fortune 500 companies in the valley
-Heidi Vega- Director of Arizona School Boards Ass.
-Jalia Pettis- Visionary of 3Jay Productions and NAHA Nominated Professional Makeup Artist
-Aaliyah Haggard- Founder of A&E Women
-Cindy Gordon- Business strategist and 6 -Figure coach
-Arielle Rivers- Manager at Van Buick GMC Scottsdale
-Zoe Sarabo- Owner of Sarabo Couture and dedicated refugee advocate

Breakout session means it’s time for a more intimate time to know your worth and level up!

The 6-Figure Room:
88% of women in the US are paid a gross income of less than 100K/year, and 62% never ask for a raise in their career! In this session, Cindy Gordon will teach you how filter out great opportunities, to ask for your value, negotiate for a substantial raise, and grow your business to 6 figures.

Build your image:
Jalia Pettis will teach you how to effectively take your image from a rate 2 to a full 10! She will go through improving your wardrobe, hair and makeup according to your own personality and career/business path. She will also take you through creating an incredible image on social media that will draw people to you!
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Know Thyself: Knowing your strength is one thing. Knowing your flaws and how to effectively detect them and change them is another. Karuna Keean, will be your guide in knowing your chakras and teaching your practices that will keep them flowing from your root to your crown!

The Strategy Room:
This is the fun part! This is a past-paced 10-15 min session that will get you to the next level in your venture! You will get to meet and pick 2 other women you have never met before, know their strengths and create a plan that you will execute with them in 7 days. May be Boss Babe Energy be in your favor!

Social Media Presence:
Social media, as you already know if crucial to advance in this day and age. Diana Muturia will take you through the fundamentals of creating an online presence regardless if you’re just getting started or have tried everything but it still seems not to work. We’ll get your social media game on fleek!

Our intention for this event is to help you advance in your career or business. 2020 is around the corner, and you are about to take over in full effect! Come over with your girlfriends and let’s get bossed up!