On the 5th Day of Merrymas

On the fifth day of #12DaysofMerrymas we recognize…

Gabriela Vasquez

Harvest Compassion Center

She was nominated by Paul Thompson, HCC Maryvale Director, for her hundreds of hours of service to the #Maryvale community.

“Gabby, who first met us months ago, has quickly become a close friend and faithful HCC Maryvale volunteer, serving 2-4 days a week at our center. Gabby lives in the Maryvale #community and feels blessed to be able to serve her neighbors weekly with food, hygiene and clothing items. Gabby is a valued asset at HCC Maryvale – she often helps translate for clients, makes them feel comfortable if they are brand new into our center, and always brings a smile each day she comes to volunteer. Gabby has 7 children and often brings one or two along with her to volunteer because she wants to teach her family the importance of serving locally. Gabby has been a blessing to each family that is fortunate to walk into HCC Maryvale and meet her. Many days she works our lobby area and is the first face our clients see. We all are so thankful for her hundreds of hours of service to HCC and the Maryvale community!”

Thank you for being a #MaryvaleHERO, Gabriella!

Our favorite season is finally here!

During the #12DaysofMerrymas, help celebrate Maryvale #HEROs who embody the spirit of the holiday season all year long! Each day from December 14 to December 25 Maryvale Revitalization Corporation will highlight an individual or group that was nominated for consistently going above and beyond to serve others in the #Maryvale community. These folks share kindness and joy in restaurants, schools, hospitals, community centers, and more, to make the entire village special. Please follow along each day to see who from your community is making a huge impact.

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