On the 11th Day of Merrymas

On the 11th day of #12DaysofMerrymas we recognize…

Dolores Rios

Amigos Block Watch

She was nominated by Brandon McCombs, Community Action Officer at the City of Phoenix Police Department.

“Sergeant Pitts and the three Maryvale Precinct Community Action Officers agree that Dolores deserves to be recognized for this honor. She has served in this role for 22 years and is very active in her #community, utilizing much of her own time to lead the block watch. She is very humble with everything she does for the community, and never asks for praise or credit.”

“Dolores and the Amigos Block Watch have hosted 22 Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods events. The attendance at the GAIN events has been among the highest in the city. Dolores and her block watch have hosted other events (check out the July 13th event on their Facebook page) and block watch meetings in their neighborhood, participated in community outreach efforts and have been been a solid example of how we can all make an impact in our community. Dolores’ example of love for her community and service to others can serve as a reminder of the difference we can all make.”

Maryvale Revitalization Corporation is grateful to her and others for building strong neighborhood comrade and pride in the #MaryvaleVillage , especially all those serve their local block watch organizations.

Our favorite season is finally here!

During the #12DaysofMerrymas, help celebrate Maryvale #HEROs who embody the spirit of the holiday season all year long! Each day from December 14 to December 25 Maryvale Revitalization Corporation will highlight an individual or group that was nominated for consistently going above and beyond to serve others in the #Maryvale community. These folks share kindness and joy in restaurants, schools, hospitals, community centers, and more, to make the entire village special. Please follow along each day to see who from your community is making a huge impact.

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