Meet Emily

Emily Sullivan. FoodCorps AmeriCorps.

My name is Emily Sullivan, and I am a FoodCorps AmeriCorps service member! I was born and raised in Arizona, and I am proud to be serving Cartwright school district. I will be getting students at Palm Lane Elementary excited about their food through hands-on activities which will include gardening, nutrition education, and school-wide taste tests of fruits and vegetables!

My first experience gardening was in my grandparents’ backyard in Maryvale, so I’m excited to be returning to the community and to share those experiences with the next generation. I still think of those days when I smell vine-ripe tomatoes!

I studied human nutrition at Arizona State University and consider myself a “home chef”, but besides food, I love to play music, swim, and enjoy all of the beautiful hiking Arizona has to offer! For more information about the program and to get involved, you can visit or send me an email at!

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