Reveille Foundation Opens Headquarters at Maryvale Business Center

Improves lives of veterans, formerly incarcerated and homeless in Maryvale Village

Reveille Foundation has opened its new headquarters at the Maryvale Business Center. The nonprofit unites with other community organizations to provide a variety of life-improving programs and services to underserved individuals and families who are transitioning from the military, incarceration and homelessness. “Our vision and Maryvale Revitalization Corporation’s mirror one another – to lift up the community,” said Steve Yamamori, President of Reveille Foundation. “We also thought it fitting that John F. Long started Maryvale as a village for Veterans after World War II.”

Many find the difficult transition from an institution or familiar culture into a new environment confusing and overwhelming. “They are unaware of the resources that are available to them, and find it difficult to navigate. Sometimes they just want to give up,” said Yamamori. To keep this population’s faith alive, Reveille Foundation brings the community together to create, manage, and execute custom plans for success. These plans might involve housing, human services, therapy, education, employment, certifications, training and workforce development. This is the call to ‘Serve the Underserved’.

The organization’s presence in the Maryvale Village is already being felt. “MRC coordinates collaborations with over 200 partners across the Maryvale village to assist residents in finding and realizing opportunities. I am not only thrilled to add Reveille Foundation to our collaborative but am especially excited about the unique partnership between MRC and Reveille that will bring a wealth of services and case management to veterans & their families,” said Jeff Armor, MRC’s Executive Director.

Case managers work one-on-one with the underserved to help them find opportunities. “I talked with Steve a few days before my first job interview with a civilian company,” said Ryan, a transitioning Navy Veteran. “He gave me great preparation tips from proper attire to strategies for answering typical questions. His help gave me confidence going into the interview, and it went so well that they offered me the job the same day! I would recommend any veteran seek his advice as they transition back to civilian life.”

The impact in Maryvale goes even further. In December, the organization worked with the Dysart Unified School District and the Wells Fargo Builds Program to transform a home for five Veterans that are being case managed by the Reveille Foundation. Yamamori says that the updated home still needs interior items like furniture and kitchen supplies. In January, Reveille Foundation will be the registration sponsor of the Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance event, hosted by the Arizona Housing Coalition. “More than 300 resourceful organizations and over 2,000 veterans and their spouses will be in attendance – a lot of these folks live in Maryvale,” he said.

Statistics about the individuals that Reveille Foundation Serves


  • Arizona ranks 3rd worst in the nation for affordable housing
  • There was a 52% increase in chronically homeless, unsheltered in Arizona 2016 to 2017


  • There are 620,000 veterans in Arizona, 50% live in Maricopa County
  • Veterans are just 2% of the population but make up 30% of the homeless population
  • 50% of veterans feel disconnected and isolated from their communities

Native Americans

  • One in four Native Americans are food insecure
  • Native Americans have the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the United States


  • 42,071 men and women are in prison in Arizona
  • Arizona has the 8th highest per capita incarceration rate in the world
  • 48% of all inmates are imprisoned for non-violent crimes
  • 39% of Arizona’s inmates will go back to prison
  • Programs and training can reduce that rate by 30%

“MRC is happy to support Reveille Foundation and its programs that advance housing, transportation, training and employment for transitioning military, veterans and their families,” said Jeff Armor, MRC’s Executive Director. “We are thrilled with our partnership and look forward to creating great impact and expanding a national model for community development.”

For more information about the Reveille Foundation and to donate, visit To donate kitchen supplies for the transformed veteran home, contact

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