If you want to talk. We are here to listen – BLOOM365 Advocacy Line

f you want to talk, we are here to listen. The BLOOM365 Advocacy Line is a space for people aged 13-24 to reach out to peers and advocates about the things that are sometimes hard to talk about. We offer our confidential line Monday through Thursday, 3PM-9PM (MST) at 1-888-606-HOPE (4673). We care about your safety and all of our staff and advocates are mandatory reporters, which means that we do report situations of abuse of young person by an adult. If you choose to disclose something that qualifies as a mandatory report, we will work with you to determine the best and safest way to make the report; including you in the process as much as possible. All the work we do here at #bloom365 is about serving you and allowing you to lead the decisions that impact your life. So text us or give us a call. We’re here if you ever need to talk.