Free teen pregnancy prevention program

I think we can all agree that we want to help keep our youth healthy, so they may continue their education and be encouraged to work towards realizing their goals.  We also realize there are many challenges and obstacles our youth may encounter as they continue to mature and make their future decisions. “Making Proud Choices” offers accurate information in a safe environment.  The attached informational flyers list the topics presented in our curriculum.  

“Making Proud Choices” is funded in part by the Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health as made available through the Arizona Department of Health Services.   

Our program offers the PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program) with topics that cover sexual health education (teen pregnancy and STD/HIV prevention) and positive youth development programs, including self-esteem, responsible and healthy relationships, decision making, communication skills, financial literacy, and other life-skills.

Please contact Carol Hobbs if you have any questions; or want to schedule a meeting to review the materials.

Carol Hobbs: or 602-251-3171 ext. 4110


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